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Hello beautiful moms, this is especially your concern area which is most essential part of your little ones, i.e., diapers

Whatever we choose for our children we always want the best one, it means giving them the most reliable and trusted products that are safe and hygienic for their overall growth and development.

In the market, there are lots of brands available, but we have to select that one which is best for your baby. So, you have to choose wisely among various alternatives present over there.

Types of diapers

There are two variants of diapers- Cloth diapers and Disposable diapers

Cloth diapers can be washed and reused many times. But it seems to be difficult for new moms after/post delivery. They made up of layers of fabric like cotton, bamboo, microfibers or plastic fibres. Not all of this comes with disposable diapers.

Disposable diapers are used once and they are thrown away. Today, in every home whether it is urban or rural area, mothers make use of disposable diapers as it is easy to use and change, saves lot of time especially for working moms, babies sleep well and stay happy for long hours, need less attention over them, obstacle less travelling and so many issues related to their hygiene.

They are generally composed of plastic and synthetic fibres and some chemicals which are highly absorbent. Because of which, the children’s urine soaked in it and turns into a gel form that blocks leakage.

Now it’s totally up to you which type of diaper and brand you choose for your baby. Here some listing of top brands which are easily accessible in local markets as well.

Johnson’s baby nappy pads/ diapers

    Johnson’s Baby is an American based company owned by Johnson and Johnson which manufactures baby skincare products and cosmetics.

This brand is very familiar among us, even our mothers would have used at their own time when no other brands were available.

It provides various other products which are also used for the wellness of babies like baby powder, shampoo, body lotion, massage oil, shower gels and wipes.

These nappy pads are designed in such a manner that it doesn’t give any rashes and irritation to baby’s skin.



Libero is the vast company globally which offers baby care products and baby diapers and it holds a strong position in this field.

Libero products are manufactured and developed under the supervision of SCA Hygiene Products India Ltd.

It provides both, open diapers and pant style diapers and they are made up of airy, light and thin naturally soft materials and enriched with Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Vitamin-E, Olive Oil.

It makes your child feels fresh and dry all the time and it also has a disco dancing baby theme which makes it unique among other brands.

They offer various sizes and variants that are suitable for 2 kgs baby to 30 kgs kid.

Mamy Poko Pants

Mamy Poko pants are the manufacturer of India’s first pant style diapers by using premium Japanese technology and offers only pant style diapers.

Its diaper has a cute Disney design and has stretchable thigh protection that prevents leakage and makes baby comfortable in their movement.

It provides navel care protection for newborns and has crisscross absorbent sheet that soaks over 5-6 glasses of urine which is enough for one whole night for the baby.

Mamy Poko pant is the leading brand nowadays that covers the Indian market so rapidly by its quality and assurance. This is the good option for your baby so you can go for it.


Huggies is the well-known brand among us which produces diapers for so many years. There is a saying, ‘ the first hug is your mom hug and second is Huggies hug’, which means these diapers give your baby a warm and caring hug like a mom.

Definitely, we all have a trust on these diapers.  These diapers are soft like feather both from inside and outside keeps the baby in total comfort.

 It comes in 4 variants that provide full protection at every stage of the baby growth. They are clinically proved to prevent rashes. It has a quick lock system and double leak guard.

Also has wetness indicator which turns yellow to blue when completely wet and has a runny poop pocket which absorbs runny poop of the baby in the initial month. 

They have gender-specific diapers specially designed for the boys and the girls. With an extra dry layer in the middle for the girls and in the front for the boys.


Now, we come to the no.1 brand that beats so many brands to come up by providing extra comfort, softness, happiness and durability to the babies. Most of the moms like this brand above all.

They have new baby pant style diapers that have 3 extra absorb channels which distribute the wetness all around diaper that help wetness doesn’t collect in one place.

Baby lotion with aloe vera prevents baby’s skin from redness and rashes. Build with different exterior fun designs and graphics and has unique disposal tape which helps to fold and seal the dirty diaper.

They have a collection for preemies or premature baby and for swimmers baby also.


In the end, suggest  some points to remember:

  • Select right size diaper according to your baby otherwise, poop can be leaked from the diaper.
  • You can opt for bigger packs of diapers as they are more economical and you do not need to purchase very frequently.
  • Always make your mind first that which brand you like the most or you can ask about it with elders, friends or relatives who all used it before.
  • Choose diaper which is most suitable for your baby’s skin and doesn’t leave any rashes or redness on his/her skin.
  • Availability of diapers must be kept in mind whether purchase from market or online.


So, all these points must remember while purchasing diapers and you and your baby always feel fresh and happy. Also, enjoy your little motherhood moments with your baby and you will always cherish all these in the future.  

best diapers for babies
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best diapers for babies
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