best baby wipes

First of all, baby diapering is not complete without proper cleaning and hygiene.

For which mothers need either water or ‘something else’ to clean the poop of the baby.

That something else I mentioned above is nothing but a wet wipe which is used by every mom for their baby’s bump for gentle cleaning without any obstacle.

A wet wipe or baby wipe is a piece of moist cloth or paper used for personal hygiene.

They are moistened with liquids (e.g., isopropyl alcohol) or with water, based on applications. A Preservative like methylisothiazolinone is used to avoid any fungal and bacterial growth in the packaging.

Baby wipes are folded and put in the dispenser for easy usage.

They are not only used for baby’s poop but also to wipe their vomits, hands and faces as well.  

Generally, baby wipes available in a pack of 20 to 80 sheets or more and with the dispenser for easy pulling of wipes. 

Which one is the best?

Which one you choose is totally up to your personal preference. Just keep few things in mind:

  • Wetness level
  • Texture or surface
  • Durability
  • Eco -friendly
  • Scent or perfume
  • Natural ingredients
  • Harmful chemicals

Now keeping above points in mind there are some listing which might ease your selection.

1.Himalaya herbal

Firstly, this is an Indian brand which offers Ayurvedic and herbal products. They manufacture baby products very mild and soothing.

Personally, I am also using these products as they are not only cheap but make my child’s skin soft and supple all day.

It contains Indian lotus and Aloe vera extracts to avoid dryness and keeps skin soft. It is 99% water based.

They are free from alcohols, lanolin and silicones, the responsible factors for allergies, rashes and irritation.

Available @ Rs. 108/- approx. Pack of 72 sheets (Rs.1.50 per wipe)

2.Johnson’s Baby

It is a trusted brand which produces baby products and cosmetics for so many decades. Its products are pure and safe.

 It has advanced fibre technology blend with moisturizer prevents baby’s skin from rashes. They are soap and alcohol-free wipes, suitable for gentle cleaning.

Available @Rs. 170/- approx. Pack of 80 sheets (Rs. 2.12 per wipe)


This is another trusted brand in this field. It is well known for its softness and warmth.

Huggies wipes are alcohol and soap free enriched with extracts of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Its wipes are thick so more absorbent and give full protection.

They are the little bit expensive but promises quality. They are also paraben free wipes.

Available @Rs. 189/- approx. Pack of 80 sheets (Rs. 2.36 per wipe)


Pampers diapers are more popular than its baby wipes as a slightly high price for the Indian market.

They are good in texture and hypoallergenic with the touch of milk. Perfect for those who do not consider price over quality.

Available @ Rs.180/- approx. Pack of 64 sheets (Rs. 2.81 per wipe)


From past years, libero has made a spectacular entry in Indian market with its new range of baby products.

Its wipes have moisturizing and skin friendly ingredients and devoid of artificial colour and alcohol. It also contains Olive oil for non-dry skin.

Available @ Rs. 179/- approx. Pack of 80 sheets (Rs. 2.23 per wipe)

6.Mamy Poko

It is a Japanese brand which offers budget-friendly products for the baby. Its wipes are ideal for some reasons.

They are fresh and have a mild fragrance with thick fibre for effective cleaning.

Available @Rs. 90/- approx. Pack of 50 sheets (Rs.1.68 per wipe)

7.Mee Mee

 These wipes are manufactured with the highest safety measures. They are soft, gentle and dermatologically tested and contains anti-bacterial properties.

It has mild fragrance and has Aloe Vera for keeping baby’s skin fresh. They are cheap and affordable.

 They are 100% free from bacteria and alcohol and it earned great customer feedback.

Available @Rs. 94/- approx. Pack of 72 sheets (Rs. 1.31 per wipe)


This one is an Italian brand known worldwide for its top-notch baby products.

They are clinically tested and are alcohol, detergents, soaps or paraben free.

With Chamomile and Aloe vera extracts, coated by disinfectant are safe and pure without any rashes and irritation.

Available @Rs. 180/- approx. Pack of 72 sheets (Rs. 2.50 per wipe)

9.PigeonIt is also a renowned trusted brand since 1957. Its wipes are made up of cotton-like soft fabric with Chamomile and Rosehip extracts, even effective on the sensitive skin of the baby.

Contains moisturizer for avoiding rashes and irritation and lanolin for dryness.

It has unique criss-cross woven fabric which is beneficial during the frequent change of diapers.

Available@ Rs. 125/- approx. Pack of 80 sheets (Rs. 1.56 per wipe)

10.Baby Dove

Dove is a newcomer in the babycare range. A known brand famous for its mild products with milk extracts.

Now, it comes with a new range of baby products. Its wipes are extra mild, hypoallergenic, free from alcohol and non-irritating.

Its extra mildness and moisturization leave baby’s skin silky soft. This one is costly as offering best mildness and softness.

Available @ Rs. 200/- approx. Pack of 50 sheets (Rs. 4.00 per wipe)


The list is now complete from my side but there may be some other options in biodegradable wipes. They are eco-friendly and non-toxic. But they can be higher in price.

You can opt any one of them but the main focus should be on baby’s skin free from rashes and feel fresh.

The upper list is extensive and difficult to select the best one. But don’t worry just find that best one which suits your baby’s sensitive skin completely. Every child is different and their needs also.

Spend some time on research and then find the best which is suitable for your baby. Take out the list and note down the most trusted brand which can be the best option for your baby.

After that finally, you choose that best one which suits your baby needs and should be of effective nature.

best baby wipes
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best baby wipes
A wet wipe which is used by every mom for their baby’s bump for gentle cleaning without any obstacle. They are not only used for baby’s poop but also to wipe their vomits, hands and faces as well.
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