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Some babies have extra soft and sensitive skin need more care and attention. Mothers have to take more cautious steps in their upbringing.

They need extra mild, hygienic, natural and free from harmful chemicals products for the little ones.

For baby’s skin, there are so many natural skincare products are available in the market to prevent any allergies, irritation or dryness.

In the same manner, for their poop also many cloth, disposable and organic or natural diapers are present in the market that can be used by mothers according to their preferences and baby’s need.

Today I am discussing biodegradable or eco-friendly or organic diapers whatever you say, which causes no harm to the environment as well as to the baby’s skin.

Biodegradable diapers are made up of natural or organic materials which means plant extracts to make them more hygienic and harmless for baby’s skin.  

They are more hygienic and natural as manufactured by using natural ingredients free from chemicals and harsh substance which affect your baby’s skin.

 1.Bamboo Nature

Bamboo nature creating biodegradable diapers for over 30 years. This is the first diaper brand in the whole world which is certified Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU flower Ecolabel.

These labels ensure diapers to be free from harmful chemicals, including chlorine, PVC, heavy metals, organotins, formaldehyde, phthalates, latex, colophonium, and AZO pigments.

They are made up of using eco-friendly manufacturing process and waste is almost entirely eliminated.

The manufacturing unit even filters, assemble and sells powder and dust.

They have core proportion of wheat starch and 75 percent biodegradable.

Diapers are highly breathable and are hypoallergenic as don’t comprises any optical brighteners, scent, body lotions, essential oils, and odor eliminators.

Use little sodium polyacrylate (SAP). They are very thin and have a textile-like back sheet for easy breathing.

Stretchable and flexible and comes in all sizes, from birth to fully toilet trained.

2.Seventh Generation

Seventh’s generation diapers are prepared with no chlorine, latex, fragrances or any type of body lotions.

Created with a mixture of SAP, adhesives, polymer spandex, pigments, polypropylene, unbleached wooden pulp, and polyurethane. 

They are not whitened like other diapers rather have a natural brown fiber for absorption. This color for absorption is certified and achieved through pigments.

The inks used for outside designing is free from lead and heavy metals.

Have more capacity to absorb and has double leg cuffs. Available in all sizes starting from birth to potty training.

Contains unbleached cotton for extra softness and comfort.

The company established its products in Ohio, USA and marketed to different nations and also produced skincare products as well.

3.The Honest Company

The company operates its functioning in Mexico, USA, and providing baby care products throughout the world.

 Also offers beauty, cleaning, health, and personal care products also.

The diapers consist of wood pulp comes from certified sustainable managed forests.

 Wheat and cornstarch mix with SAP, non-toxic adhesives, polyester, polyolefin, plant-based PLA, polyurethane and non- AZO pigments free from lead and heavy metals.

They are hypoallergenic, made with chlorine-free pulp.

 They are devoid of fragrances, lotions, whitening, PVC, organotins, latex, common allergens, chemicals, optical brighteners, and phthalates.

Comes in attractive colors, designs and textures loved by all mothers.

4.Naty by Nature Babycare

Eco by naty is 100 percent eco-friendly for baby’s skin. Free from dioxins, perfumes, lotions, dyes, latex, VOC and phthalates, TBT and GMO.

Its diaper’s top sheet and leakage barriers are made up of 80 percent plant-based material.

They are chlorine free and designed to avoid rashes and allergies.

The ink used for printing free from heavy metal. It earned awards in the premium range of diapers.

Comes in various sizes from birth to potty training.

5.Earth’s best

Earth’s best diapers are chlorine free and manufactured with renewable resources. This is one of the bestselling and most preferred brands in the eco-friendly range of diapers.

More comfortable and hygienic and highly absorbed. Made from wheat and cornstarch for natural absorption.

They provide comfort fit by having cuffs and breathable sides and refasten able tabs. 

Free from latex, perfumes, color dyes and have cotton-like soft and stretchy panels.

Points to keep in mind

Some important things consider while choosing the best brand of your choice. You should check over the ingredients that are harmful to baby’s skin which is given below to make your choice easy. They are:

  • Latex
  • BPA
  • Phthalates
  • Chlorine
  • Artificial colors
  • Fragrance-free
  • Lotion-free
  • Parabens free

These are some toxins that can be absorbed into your baby’s skin.

Just be aware of all these and choose the best eco-friendly diaper for your baby without harming your baby’s skin and the environment also.  




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babies have extra soft and sensitive skin need more care and attention. Biodegradable diapers are made up of natural or organic materials which means plant extracts.
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